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The first full-length Schisolation album, more rugged and heavier than the Vaccine EP. Parasite shows the complete disintegration of personality, through progressive denial of everything, alienation, nihilistic attitude toward relationships and descending into sexual aggression. The compositions are more spacious, built mostly with low tuned guitars, pulsating synthesizers, industrial backgrounds and shaky vocals, but there is also a lot of surprising and unusual solutions. The songs are often formal experiments that help introduce the subject of the ongoing chaos of mental illness.


released May 10, 2015

everything on this album was created, composed, recorded, performed, programmed, mixed, produced, arranged, designed and written by [senon scheuermann] MMVII - MMXV

photography by [applied mart] MMXV



all rights reserved


schisolation Szczecin, Poland

The concept of Schisolation relates to the experience of mental illness, presented metaphorically as a clash of two hostile organisms whose debilitating mental desire for symbiosis is presented with references to religion, sexuality, and social relations. Illusionary messianism, declining social relations, progressing isolation and autoerotic submission. ... more

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Track Name: the great vanishing act
what could you tell me
about the road i came by
if you haven't heard
a single word from my mouth

and i was gone for so long
but do you see me falling?
no, you don't

i had a plan to be
someone stronger than i was
but i've trapped myself and this way
took me years to come, boy

because i was born without a name
i was born without a breath
i was born into a guilt
i was born to disappear

and i was gone for so long
but do you see me coming?
no, you don't
Track Name: overrated
i feel the vibes of your breath through me
excitement causes shudder on my skin
our secret veil we're closed in
is made of illusion of our fears

and it seems we're hiding
in front of ourselves
when we touch our bodies
we need to hurt

because sex with you is overrated

i walk around to see your movement
the shading light on your hair
we can pretend to hide emotions
but in your eyes i find the loneliness

and it seems we're trying
to show that we care
by giving the pain
with coldness of our hands

because sex with you is overrated
Track Name: celadon bust
i removed these stitches
i want to stretch it out with skin
it will never heal this
beacuse it's just not the thing that heals

tried to let your flesh inside of me
it bleeds
force your fucking flesh inside of me
it bleeds

want to make me so hard?

i analyzed this sickness
i got to rush before it burns
you said i don't need this
and made me look the other way

tried to let your flesh inside of me
it bleeds
force your fucking flesh inside of me
it bleeds

why you want to make it so hard?
why you want to make me so hard?

if that's the cure it won't work
side effects just made it worse

if we stay like this it would turn us to enemies
if we're together like this
i tried to force it... look away... inhale
everything was slowing down... to static
everything was so close it all just disappeared
one big stain... a hole... a pause
if we stay like this
if we're so close
it's nothing
Track Name: gothic
my makeup absorbed
a face in the crowd
desperate boys
cheap leather lies

paint it all black
make me a scar
let's change our names
to something we'd like
you're pretty in dark
i'd fuck your disguise
pretend we are stars
pretend i'm a star

i'll lock us in here
and absorb all the light
to let everyone see
we are so dark

the lie turned grey
we are so alike
my lust became pale
i'll take you outside

you seem so weak
carrying this flesh
how cold does it feel
when you're playing dead
you're such a doll
it's unreal
how you made yourself
so fucking cheap

i'll put us in there
and wash it away
make everyone see
it was just a game

we're so alone
we're not alive
let everyone know
we are so dark
Track Name: amensalism
attach me... to you
Track Name: a harsh descend
you let her see a snippet
behind the slit in my eye
make her believe she can control us
by touching stigmas on my arms

how could she know it's not possible
to become a part of our life
it was an illusion of a silence
feelings hidden behind fright

i see nothing wrong in this solution
i see nothing wrong in this

isolated in own flesh
i felt warmth for first time
letting her show me a path to feel
i tried to spill my part outside

how could i know it's so difficult
to find the meaning in net of lies
i was lost in this malfunction
of my overcrowded mind

i see nothing wrong in this solution
i see nothing wrong in pain

i felt that she won't let me stay with you on the ground
i thought she could get me out
Track Name: fitting the collar
your need to defy what i am
with handful of lies and ignorance
it's a rapid burst through my face
your lack of faith
go on motherfucker, make my day

i think i got time for one more

i'll fuck you up
place you beneath
take those pills?
you're of full of shit
got nothing on me
hit that crack
make it red
go on motherfucker,
my spine is all set
try again

there... again
Track Name: parasite
a delusion
of my confidence is behind
crawling in brightness
mirrored (self)slavery times

the past is like picture
of different life
memory is burning
in repeating fever again

and i can't tell what really happened
but i know i felt your touch
and i remember that your voice was inside
all the time

a parasite
that's injecting envy and lies (a little)
damaging the conscience
evolving to cancer
controlling the heart (infection)

blowing my veins
touching with poisoned lust (i've tried)
the progressing illness
affects on the weekness (i have enough)
Track Name: black swamp water
i won't let you blame me

what you tried to gain?
(it went so fucking far since we started it together)
leaving it all like that
(exploded violently beyond what i could ever expect)
does anything got clear?
(i followed this burst, this taint that filled me)
or did you made it up?
(it was never a choise, it was like an accident waiting to happen)

i won't let you blame me

you did start this show
with a lust for fame
we prepared to act
and you passed it down

weak liar
this wound
you caused
i'll patch it up

what you had erased?
(what i called myself was not close to the truth)
who you had become?
(it blinded everyone but they helped to create the lie)
has any thing changed?
(i needed a way out, i needed this something i couldn't even imagine)
or is it just your mask?
(was it real or not, how would i tell if it never really showed before)

do you realize
you started all this mess
i could be a guide and lead
but you chose the path
did what you needed
made them believe
i can be sick
but you spread the disease

i won't let you blame me
Track Name: tune for the infection
i infected you
with the poison from my tongue
spilled my saliva through your heart

i infected you
with injection of my sting
spilled it in between your wet lips

you can call it sickness
but darling, it's much more
and even if it kills you
it feels better than before

i infected you
this pollution in my blood
let it in
spread it wide
Track Name: endecagon
share the word of our bond
bring me up and i will call
little homes by little bits
spread disease, enslave the weak

see it now
it was a fight
we had ripped it all apart
made it ours
sticked the sides
stick tight
let down

tried to sew it all again
what comes before goes to end
we would never reach so far
you got stucked
i had to run

seen the pictures but they're too bright
and your wife
you got blurred
in a cell
swing the pure
missed the point
forgot to aim
no one cared
every doctor, every lie
the idea
different book
we survived
cover up
we got none
blank page
lost the mass
and the shame
what else?

let's bury it down
i'm with none
what's the line?
stay home, i'm fine
no arm
we got up
last year
heard voices
heard shit

made the words
cut in half
what's yours
i'm fine
stay home
i'm gone
Track Name: meet me at the bottom, for i am the end
so this is where we are
maybe it's where we always headed
maybe we belong here

and to think you just got out
to get here with me
with all these shadows that took place before

is anything different now?
could anything really change?
it's same as it ever was
over and over again
and it always ends in this place

anything that seems different
it's... just illusionary

you haven't changed anything
if you are here
at the bottom
for me
for i am the end